NBA 2K12 - My Player = Horrible game.

How did 2K sports botch this part of the game so horribly. in 2k11 it was one of my favorite parts. 

Now the skill point system is ridiculous. Its too expensive to upgrade your player and try to make your self better. This defeats the purpose of a upgrade path. Im not going to put in an entire seasons work just to have a decent mid range jumper and nothing else. 

Im sure this level of detail is great for the seasoned vet that does nothing else other than play NBA 2K12 but for the average gamer its too time consuming and just not worth it as the pay off is nowhere in sight. 2K has really polarised their target audience with this! FAIL!


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Go back and buy 2k11 OR pop it back in then....problem solved

My Player is great. Association is broken. Why are teams shooting 75% in the first 3 quarters and then 25% in the 4th quarter? Every away game so far does this. Playing defense has no effect. I've had 3 people guarding guys when they take a shot and it still goes in. lol!! It's horrible. NBA 2K11 is so much better. Why do my player not run or get back on defense? I hit the turbo and my stamina bar starts to go down and the play continues to trot at the same speed. lol!! Completely broken. It wasn't like this in NBA 2K11. I still play 2K11. My player is terrible in 2K11 and Association is terrible in 2K12. My players move like they are running in molasses have the time. It's ridiculous. Response time between the controller and player is horrendous. I push the analog and the player takes 2-3 secs to move. What a joke.

@bunionz plz shut up...

Also, How did MS botch the forums page so bad. its rubbish now. Used to be a great place to come and talk games and NBA banter.

NBA2K12 = Amazing. People complain when they can easily trade the game in or sell it.

I think once the rookies get all put in the Myplayer will be better.. it almost seems like a subconscious thing where people hate it for that reason but dont realize it lol.

I honestly just wish theyd patch the wacky trades through Association and MP.

Myplayer mode has been cool since the gameplay patch was added.

@ Hom3y Da Klown. You guys know that this Forums page was originally set up to have a singular point for constructive criticisms dont you? Thats why its good to be able to give feed back and the developers can actually fix problems and improve gameplay. How about you think about the games you play rather than just being a fan boy.