NBA 2K 3v3 League Season 2 (360)

Back after a successful season 1, Season 2 will have the same stat tracking and power rankings as before. If interested here are the rules for season 2.

General House Keeping
16 Game Schedule, Sunday through Wednesday
11:00pm Eastern All Games Start
Private Match
Hall of Fame
Quarter Length of 5 Minutes
Injuries: Off
8 Teams, Two Divisions, 6 Teams make playoffs
Best of 3 in playoffs
Ties will be broken by head-to-head record, then conference record.

Home team are entitled to hosting the game and also determine where players match up


Mass pump faking the computer into a foul is not allowed. Any FTs that result from this are to be missed intentionally.

Spin dunking out of the post up is not allowed.
Any team that scored or draws a foul as a result of the post up spin dunk owes the opposing team two free throws and possession of the ball.

Any player who consciously exploits a major flaw or glitch in the game, particularly one that takes advantage of the game's AI, may face suspension or removal from the league.

Game Setup
Games must begin within 15 minutes of scheduled start time (11 PM EST), or else team causing the delay may use a reschedule. A team is allotted 3 reschedules per season.
Games are to be played 3 on 3, no exceptions.

Players are required to take PG, either SG or SF, and either PF or C.
A team cannot have both a user SG and user SF. A team cannot have both a user PF and a user C.
Users are not allowed to match up vs AI.

Disconnect rules
If a player lags out in the 1st quarter, play out the quarter and take down the score differential. Play a new game and take team stats and player stats based on the new game and add the score differential when you calculate the score.

If a player lags out in the 2nd quarter or at halftime, take down the heat check stats while doing your best to estimate turnovers, blocks, steals, and FG%. Make a new game and play another half, add the score heat check stats from that half to those of the first half and again do your best to estimate Bs, Ss, TOs, and FG%.

If a player lags out in the 2nd half, play out the rest of the game but do not include that player's player stats at the end of the game.

Winning team must input game stats. Both teams are responsible for player stats.

Roster Protection and Size
Minimum roster size is 6. Max is 10.

Player Conduct
Keep any disputes you have off the forums but do not keep them to yourself. Contact a league commissioner or opposing owner to work out the dispute through AIM, Xbox Live, or PMs on the website.

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