Naval Strike not available in store!

Naval Strike is NOWHERE to be found in the in game store.  Called x box live and they said, A) we are having a problem see the service alert. B) its not our problem contact EA.  Anyone able to download this DLC?  post here!


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i been looking for it all day i have spoke to MS support they said that its due to be put up in the next hour or two its a joke EA have said its not them its MS as it was released last night and should have gone live on the marketplace at 9pm uk time what a joke they have had over 12 hours to fix this

I agree that it is hard to take if you really want the content.  I was feeling all happy when I read that the master race PC's were not getting the DLC because of glitches that were detected.  Now I am eating crow because we cant even see the DLC in the store to download it. Its also irritating because calling x box they have different answers for it. One says we are working on it and the next says no we ARE NOT working on anything, we dont have a problem its EA contact them  

yer lol MS tired fobbing me off with an avatar code and that as 26 digits long just shows that MS are as bad as EA sometimes they told me that its EAs problem but its MS they said to me that it was live in the store but you can not download it because the marketplace is down but i as many have looked for it and its not there but the stupid *** shortcut bundles are there they went live at 00.10 last night's never M$'s fault, but if you talk to EA they blame M$...6 of one half a dozen of the other...this is typical of DICE/EA/M$....bottom line, it's probably delayed ....and in other news, in the meantime you can play EA's wildly popular Titanfall ....the "definitive next gen shooter!" ...with ginormous 6v6 player lobbies, absolutely no environmental destruction or effects whatsoever and about 8 whole maps....EA gaming, forever defining "less equals more"

^ Can't even play Titanfall, it's down lol... the whole marketplace isn't working correctly, a complete mess of a day for X1.  Also completely agree, it's much less in every aspect, genre redefining my sack.

The release has been delayed until early April according to an article on the Battlefield Battlelog site.


sure is a good thing "premium" players now get the content on exactly the same day as everyone else...makes that "premium" worth every it to DICE/EA/M$ to screw up yet again...reliability here is a joke...heh

Shakes head, sighs... Fool me once-shame on you ...Fool me twice-it must be DICE!  Arrrugggh!!!

thats OK, Microsoft's crap coding messed up my profile...I briefly (and foolishly) agreed to be a test monkey by participating in their update preview program...what a waste ...quickly discovered none of my friends had signed up so for a couple weeks I was unable to communicate with them...what a treat, but now as a result weeks later my profile magically became silver despite 6 years of direct pay from my bank card...turns out it's a glitch that keeps affecting more and more people ...

my account is in good standing, but my profile itself is jacked, so because the tech-heads at XBL apparently don't know what they're doing I decided as a measure of safety to remove my bank card and use prepaid store bought cards. Thanks to the glitch however, when I go to redeem a code (after the console tells me the code is good) I get a bizarre error message telling me to try my code again in a few minutes....

the geniuses at 18004MYXBOX are completely aware of the problem and know my account is in fine standing, but keep reassuring me the "tier 3" tech support is on the case, will fix it and I'll be back up and running by March 17th.....then on March 18th I called 18004MYXBOX again "hey, wheres that tier 3 tech support I was promised by yesterday? ...."oh sorry dude, someone forgot, you'll have your help by march 25th" ...imagine my utter surprise that here we are on the 25th and that promised help hasn't arrived...what a shock.....yeah, lol...the XB1 and Xbox Live in general is a train wreck...ironically, my PS4 runs great and I've never had to call their tech support

Ya, I was up at midnight waiting for and still nothing all day.. Hopefully they aint having the same problem there having with the PC version.