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anyone else having issues where their NAT is set to strict? i've played all cod games from 3 til now and this has never happened. i was playing fine yesterday. i'm being told it is my router, but i know this isn't true. it isn't all of a sudden, out of the blue, my router. MW3 (it really should be called MW2 part 2 and been a $10 add on) is full of glitches and problems already and i'm convinced the game is *** up.

has anyone else been able to switch from strict to open? thanks.


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I had a friend that had that happen last night when we tried to invite him to a game it would not let him join. I think he finally just looked up how to change his nat and got it. My mom had the problem a few times when she was playing Halo. So I dont know whats going on.

yea. same here. last night I had to nerd up my router with all these settings and stuff to get it to be open. It worked. The support page tells you exactly what to do, but it can be a process.

How to use port forwarding (

Try this site. It lists a world of routers. Find yours and follow the instructions. Three basics you will need to do;

  • set a static IP for your console
  • enable UPnP
  • open select ports for forwarding tofrom the console

Good luck. It isn't difficult.