Nascar the Game 2011

Is there a forum discussing this game? If there is I can't find it.


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Does anyone know?

Not at the moment, no. 

There was one before the update. I think Microsoft is pretending that it doesn't exist.

Got Banned from Nascar the Game official site for asking about delays in the release of dlc and 2nd patch. Evidently they have no problems lying or issuing threats as did community manager ICE. 

I want the patch already, so my wheel will work like its supposed to. I'm getting tired of waiting.

Well looks like the DLC got pushed to the end of June, Probably means the patch also.

Game is BS I think Microsoft should be embarrasses they deal with such a crappy little company like Eutechnx, I don't blame em for hiding the game the Devs and Mods for Eutechnx are all teenagers and know nothing about the gaming business or nascar

I got banned too. apparently thier "Jr moderator" program is in full effect over there with kids being mods now. Kids who dont recognize a heated debate between 2 adults can happen without name calling and violation TOS without having to butt in and add thier snotty attitude and "WARN" people when they arent even talking to the children who run that forum.




Just ban all the people who have a problem with teh game, then teh forum will be a happy place.




Good luck with that seeing as though they screwed up teh patch AGAIN and it just got submitted to Activision for testing today. Yes, today 96+ days and counting since release. It will take 2 weeks for MS to ok it (if its a good patch which probably isnt the case) so now we are looking at the beginning of July for our patch.





Not to mention teh balls tehy have over there. They put out a "trailer" for teh patch. A teaser for a patch? WTF? The game is %90 unplayable and they obviously suck at writing code and are 3+ months behind on teh patch but have pnety of time to make videos of how teh game is supposed to work? WTF is going on here? Is this a joke?

In all seriousness isn't a game like this pretty simple? Give it gas, turn left. How can they mess that up?

They messed it up real bad. The game is %90 unplayable. You cant use wheels cause the game burns the motors in teh wheels up making them junk, you cant start an online race in a pub room without one of the following happening

1 - cars start on thier roofs and are stuck there until the race is over

2 - screen freezes on loading screen

3 - cars start 2-3 laps ahead of everyone else

4 - cars win races when 0 laps have been raced

5 - cars appear without body panels and sometimes just drivers and no car

need I go on?

How they messed up a game that is only 3.2 gb is beyond me.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

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