Names of Moves

ll right..  a list needs to be made of all the gears 3 special moves, like mortal kombat.  an example of this is the good 'ol 2 piece .  heres a short list of my submissions carried over from gears 1.

a grenade tag= turkish slap

a pistol melee followed by a headshot= big mac

around the corner run into blindfire shotty blast= blue thunder

wallbounce chainsaw= black lightning

roadie run shotgunning= bulldawging

reverse roll blindfire torquebow stick= black rose

gib= being split


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SOS kill=***

it didn't let me type ***

damn it

how do you pronounce ***?


On board for the Turkish slap.

yep that and the big mac are my favorites,but big macs are hard to come by in gears 3 though.  great for smack talk.


"Something Bit Me"... torquebow in the backside.

thats a nice movie reference, but it seems to be conversationally awkward.

ex) did you see me something bit me that guy last round?