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Part 3 of my really eventful day started in Rorikstead. I guess I should say that I was playing my level 45 Dark Elf Archer/Mage and trying to ad in more mage and less archer. So I head off to Rorikstead to begin a trek to a mine I have a bounty for. I arrive by night and, as expected, hear a dragon. I look around and see it has landed on a hill so I dash up there to see blue light streaming into the sky and hear an ominous voice behind me. I look and see Alduin and realize, oh, no, he's raising a dragon! I hastily put on everything I've got to boost archery, poison my arrow and pop the bony thing just as it exits. Then I pop it again to kill it. Alduin was, of course, long gone. My first arising and named dragon since I got the one with Delphine. I was excited then set off looking for the mine. I was about halfway there when a dragon lands on my head (almost). It shouts and I put on frost protection and hauled out fire. This dragon took a long time dying, but it finally croaked and it was another named dragon! That's 2 in one game night! I found another open dragon mound a bit later so I suppose Alduin was busy. How many named dragons are there? Does anyone know?


So, I continue on trying to find the mine so I could go home and unload and still be able to fast travel back. I was glad I had adequate extra carry available. I'm at a road trying to decide which way to go when I hear from behind me "That's far enough. Don't come any closer." I wasn't moving! I turn around and see 4 forsworn looking menacing. I think, I need to improve my destruction so I hurled a firestorm at them until they shut up. I go to see what they are carrying when i hear from behind me "That's far enough. Don't come any closer." Again, I wasn't moving. I turn around and see 3 orc hunters looking menacing so I roasted them too. My destruction magic got a nice workout today. I did finally find the mine and got it marked without further incident so I can go back later.


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Was looking at the wiki a while back, I think theres around 9-10. Hats off to whoever created their badass names.