N7 Eagle or M-3 Predator? (Multiplayer)

Hey guys, so I recently got the N7 Eagle from that free pack for killing all the brutes and i fell in love with it instantly, since the fire rate was alot better than the M-3 Predator's even though it was ever-so-slightly weaker (stat-wise) and then found out it was full auto and fell even more in love with it.

The thing is though, that i used the M-3 Predator in a game there because of the weight difference between them and I found that the M-3 Predator seemed to do a good bit more damage, seemed to be able to fire faster and kill the enemies quicker, even though the N7 Eagle is supposed to have a higher fire rate.

So, I was wondering if anyone could inform me on whether they've found the M-3 Predator to actually be better than the N7 Eagle or not.

The reason im asking is because I can't really tell with certainty whether it's all in my head or not, and I'm trying to pick the best weapon for a side-arm that doesnt weight too much because I use a sentinal and fire out a warp every few seconds, so I'd like some help deciding on whether to use the N7 Eagle or M-3 Predator.

Although I might just start using the M-4 Shuriken (which seems weak to me but it hardly ever runs out of ammo because I've got a capacity upgrade and heat sink on it, plus it's extremely accurate by SMG standards in my opinion) if it turns out the M-3 Predator fires faster and is more powerful than the N7 Eagle because sometimes my hand gets a bit tired constantly pulling the trigger when im trying to fire faster with the M-3 Predator.


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I've just unlocked the Quarian Inflitrator which gives me the opportunity to use the Shuriken III I've got from "Recruit" level packs (I just started playing the MP today with a Soldier).  Should be fun.  I'm too used to playing as a Soldier with all his gear (my ME characters are all soldiers).

I would go with the N7 Eagle by the way.  Predator is the default pistol isn't it?  A bit naff I think...

I like the first pistol you get.  Not sure the name, but its the standard one.  I just buff it and it shreds through armor

I'm jealous that you scored an eagle. If it's like some of the other heavy pistols it probably does legit damage, but has few rounds and is pretty heavy.

For my biotic classes (Vanguard/Adept) I make sure that my recharge rate is at 200%, so I usually bring a tempest (lightweight) and phalanx/predator. I can still stay at 200% even with the two.

For my engineer/infiltrator classes (my favorite two classes) I bring the carnifex or paladin. Paladin is ultra rare. Damage is great on both, but weight puts me at 166-170% recharge. 

Nah bro, the predator is better. Let me break it down for you. I also have the Eagle and I think it's not that great at all. I used it like three times with three different characters and was disappointed with it.

One thing that I DON'T like about this weapon, it has recoil........and A LOT of it. If your not using a turian, or if your not firing it while in cover, it will start climbing like the tempest, or avenger, making long range shots VERY difficult to stay on target.

The eagle weights more than the the predator. If the predator is at level 1, they are around the same weight with the eagle being slightly heavier. But I have a predator X, and its MUCH lighter than the eagle.

My predator does better DPS. Since the Eagle has a higher rate of fire, and slightly weaker damage, it would probably take out enemies quicker, IF.........................it didn't have such recoil. But with the predator, my cursors stays right on the enemies heads, enabling me to take multiple headshots with dead on accuracy. Which is something that is impossible to do with the eagle. I play on GOLD with the eagle and let me tell you, I wasn't killing ANYTHING quickly with it. It took a lot of shots to kill things with it, I might was well use a assault rifle.

The predator is EASILY upgradable. Meaning, if you got a level 1, you can easily get more levels for it. The eagle, you only get ONE, and it's going to STAY at level one unless you happens to get another eagle from another bioware event as these weapons aren't in any of the packs we can buy, and I can tell you this, that won't be for a long time bro.

So where it stands now, a Predator X beats the Eagle I in every way I've noticed. Now if it was a EAGLE X vs a predator X, then.........who knows. Maybe the eagle would outshine it.

I really LOVE that the fact that I took the time to use all types of punctuation and the forum decides to be scumbag steve...................and take it all away.

Yeah, I've come to the conclusion that the Eagle isn't all that great. Mainly due to the fact that the recoil is so bad, compared to a predator, which seems to have near pin-point accuracy and close to no recoil what-so-ever.


I think for now I might stick with the shuriken though, due to the ammo quantity and the fact that for me to be satisfied with the predator I need to out-damage my avenger with it, which takes up a lot of energy trying to pull the trigger so fast lol which also makes me miss a lot of shots, still (LOL in my tiredness i wrote sh*t) a great gun though especially for headshots (the predator) but i think for now the shuriken will be replacing it.


Thanks for everyones input. And to be honest, you should be glad you never got the Eagle Monosocratic, it's not that great, you'd probably get more use out of whatever your pack gave you.


P.S Dre G Writer, I have a Predator X, infact I have all the starter weapons at X, they're so handy with the reduced weight. I think I'll go back to using the Predator soon though, I miss the cool factor of pulling out a pistol when you're out of ammo on your main weapon lol.

That is the M-3 Predator ;) (which is in the title of this thread.

I know, I was just telling him what level of Predator I had :)

I don't know why you would use that weak sauce SMG, but if it works for you, then go for it. I'd personally choose the tempest over the shuriken.