N7 Academy - Mass Effect 3 Roleplay Clan

Hey everyone,

I'm starting a roleplay clan for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, and after getting the clan website in beta mode (to the point where it is functional), I'm putting a thread out here to start recruiting.

Basically what the clan is about is turning multiplayer in ME3 to a roleplay, so instead of just playing a game for credits, each mission has a goal and a storyline. The purpose of the clan is also to get some Mass Effect players together so we can all hang out and talk about the game, and have some fun while we do it. Once we finish our fist game, I'll add a page to the site titled "ANN", which is the Alliance News Network, which basically shows what happened in our latest mission and previous missions. Soon to be completed is also the Leaderboard, which will hold a Wall of Fame for players voted MVP, Marksman, Best Krogan, Best Geth, Best Vanguard, Best Soldier, etc.

So, post here, message me, email the clan (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***), and/or visit our website and complete the join form there to join the clan!

I made a Tinyurl for the website, which is: tinyurl.com/n7academy

Please note that at this time the navigation menu bar is not loading on all pages of the website, so in order to go from page to page you need to use the back button in your browser. I apologize for any inconvenience, I'll work on getting this fixed as soon as possible.


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i wanna join i signed up in the thing and awaiting an email