Mythic Map pack 2 help

So I know for a fact I've played games on Longshore and Citadel, granted it was a long time ago. I had ODST, so I got the maps from that. However it wants me to repurchase Mythic 2. I've been able to redownload all other map packs except for Mythic 2. Can somebody help me?


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Did you ever purchase the Mythic 2 map pack from the marketplace?

Does owning and playing ODST automatically give you access to BOTH Mythic map packs? Because I have owned ODST.

Edit: I checked a Halo wiki and it said the 2nd disc allows access to all maps including the three in Mythic 2 without the need to install them. So that's probably why. That's pretty stupid, now I'm being held back from playing most of the game types.

The ODST multiplayer disc has all the maps on it.

If you're not using the ODST multiplayer disc then you need to buy the DLC from the marketplace.

Apparently not, I checked my download history. But I don't understand, I know for certain I've played multiple matches on each map. This is the only account I've ever had. I don't really understand...

Ehhh that's a pretty stupid situation. They should've made you download them. I've obviously owned the map pack for a brief period of time. And to make it worse pretty much every game type in Halo 3 requires all DLC.

I'm not really *** about paying another $5, its just kind of stupid. Basically everyone that owns the second mythic map pack because of ODST will still have to put the disc in because the map pack isn't downloaded to your harddrive.