Mystery Character or something else?

Watch this video:


At :47 and again at :51 in the video Smoke is fighting a woman with a Pony tail 4th character or Sindel's klassic costume?


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Looks like it's just Sindel's normal alt. I don't use her a lot so I don't recall what it was, but it's certainly Sindel, no question. Also, if it was klassic for her, she wouldn't have a ponytail from what I remember.

I thought so too but Sindel doesnt have a pony tail in any of her costumes in MK 9. It does look like Sindel but I have never seen her with a pony tail and her main alt has trench coat tails on it and her second alt is more of a regal look to it.

Yeah, my bad it is. Was really tired when I watched that trailer. Many apologies.