Mystery Box - MOB of the Dead

I assume that the mystery box are now those metal red glowing things.. but how do you open them?  ARe they in Random spots?



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forget it...  :)

Yeah, the box moves (find the light in the sky pointing towards it) and the "boss" zombie will destroy the box too.

You can pay 2000 to have the box restored if Brutus destroys it.

^^Nice. I havent got to play yet. My boy has been on playing zombs since I downloaded it yesterday.

It is so much fun.  By far the best zombies yet.  A group of us played a few hours last night and got the plane put together. two made it on the plane.  Me and another guy didn't and got destroyed by hundreds of zombies.  

I know how that feels @ Frank >.>

Better than one person forgetting they already put their part in and walking up to it and pressing X and accidentally starting the plane with no one else in the area.