Myrrah/Tempest Insane Difficulty

I've beat every mission on insane but the boss battle at the end with the tempest. HOW THE F* do I kill her while getting spawn killed by theron Guards? any tips would be appreciated.


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for the love of god someone add me. its all i need as well and its driving me nuts

Glitch worked like a charm thanks

It was actually way easier than I thought it would be, me and a friend of mine killed her before she started climbing on the tower. Probably harder with more people.

The very last checkpoint is just cheap. I looked at all the YouTube vids how to do this (TheSeraphim17, R3B3link, etc.), followed all the advice about hanging out by the elevator and avoiding the death ray and guards, no mutators, just solo, and died 37 times. No kidding. I counted. My main issue was running out of ammo to bring her down so I could hammer her, I kept getting brought by the guards while roadie running for ammo. I came close twice with 3 hammer strikes, and she wouldn't go down. I also tried sticking grenades in the floor where the guards come over the railing, so they would leave ammo after getting blown up, but it was never enough.

Finally I arrived at the solution, which TRAINvvv just shared above: go into Arcade mode with a public co-op, you're on Insane mode, your partner (doesn't matter if you're on Live or local) is on Normal or Casual. Coordinate your attacks to bring her down, it takes 4 hammer strikes.

A few procedures to follow: use just enough hammer trigger to pull down the fire, then let go, don't keep the trigger down. Keep yourself separated from your partner...I found that the guards actually stayed away from me and focused on the bots and my partner. Go figure. Load up your hammer and ammo right after the first cutscene when she lands on the tower. Maintain awareness of her location and your wall protection at all times so you don't get surprised by a death ray insta-kill.

If you're on live, I did find that a few strangers would pop into the game and die, thereby causing a reset to the checkpoint. Grr. Just reset and proceed. As TRAIN mentioned, this partner approach takes 5 minutes and it's over quick, surprisingly easy compared to earlier fights.

Calling shenanigans. You CAN'T pick your own difficulty in Arcade. Everyone plays on the difficulty the leader chooses. Will try the glitch, though.

I can get this for you if you get two more people together and help me complete Beast mode on insane without dying. I gotten this achievement for myself and others. I can tell you that it can be done in standard mode without mutators.

just take cover around the pillars where you find the hammer of dawn. Easy peasy ^^

Here is my detailed walkthrough to beat the Queen on Arcade Insane SOLO!

done that with one more player split/screen. spent some 4 hours and multiple attempts. one player after the checkpoint quickly takes the hammer of dawn and after that hides behind a gazebo which is opposite to the place where tempest climbs up. he shoots mostly blind using every single moment to look out and point and also shall change places when the tempest is roaming around side-by-side.

the other player takes the hammer and hides nearby the elevator shooting the tempest from down-up and pretending he will never be noticed by the variety of drones.

When the first player shoots down its hammer, he helps the second player shoot the guards by the time the second player runs for the refill. the tempest falls after 3 shots of the hammer.

good luck for those who still did not do that, it was tough.

Arcade + Unlimited Ammo + Super Active Reloads = Win.

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