MyPunchcard - Which arcade games are you buying?

I'm thinking of doing a few punchcards, but don't really know which games I'd be interested in and am very keen to know what everybody else is buying ;)

I'd also like to get my Gamerscore up, you guys know any games with easy Gamerscore?


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I won't be buying anything because I don't care for a lot of arcade games, and I still have to finish Doom 2 even though I really don't want to.


I look at this punch card thing the same way I look at sales. If something goes on sale that you would not ordinarily buy, but you buy it anyway, then you did not actually save anything.

Hmmm....the only XBLA game I've bought and don't regret spending money on is Battlefield 1943.

For the most part, PSN/XBLA games are overpriced and ultimately disposable experiences...

Well, Battleblock Theater came out recently which is developed by The Behemoth who developed Castle Crashers. I'm interested in that at the moment, but Bastion, Trials Evolution, Battlefield 1943, Gotham City Imposters, Terraria: Xbox 360 Edition, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Fez, Alan Wake: American Nightmare, Hybrid, Limbo, and Braid are good.


There’s quite a few to pick from, but that should point you in the right direction with some good trials in variety.

Been spending too much money lately. I'll have to skip out on this one.

I've never bought 5 arcade games in one month. 3200 MSP spent maybe (not this month anyway) the only one I'm getting is the play  25 hours worth of arcade games.

Pacman DX is a simple 200, don't think it's more than 400 MSP now.

spend $40 get $5 back and only on arcade games... wow microsoft is generous only thing i might buy is terraria and state of decay whenever that comes out

So do any arcade games count toward the 20 hours played? I already have quite a few arcade games but not too keen on buying any new ones at the moment.

Any ARCADE title.  Put Minecraft on ((I see it on your recent played)) & it'll just run up time for you. Don't even have to play it, just chill on the title screen.

Guess I will be playing Happy Wars.

Already bought recently two XBLA games (Trials HD + ilomilo) for 800 MSP and even though I'd like to purchase Quarrel (200 MSP) I won't because I have plenty of games (Retail & Digital) to complete and enjoy.

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