My XP levels have been reset.


I have been playing GOW3 for some time now and reached the XP level to 35 or so.. All of a sudden a day back i found myself start from 0 again. All the characters i unlocked are locked again... :( what happened.

I regularly play Multiplayer on Xbox Live..




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Unfortunately this happens to alot of people. It's really not that bad since you were only level 35. It's really easy to get back to that level if you know what you are doing. The best thing to do is to just start over and use the cloud storage save to back up your file. So if it happens again, you can just retrieve your save file. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response !!

Its bad to know it happens to a lot of people. Playing with the thought that all your XP would be wiped all of a sudden is not very encouraging.. :(

I am a NuB(well you would have found that by now..) and would dig into how to save the file in the cloud..

Thanks again for your response.. Happy gaming !!

Another thing.  Something that may help if you or others dont have a backup in the future (which you should, but were never told you need by the people who should have told you).  When the save file gets corrupted, in some cases the game wont be able to read it and will tell you that before it resets you, SO if you get a message when you select the drive your save file is on and it says something to the effect of "Could not read file, do you want to ....." , DO NOT DO ANYTHING OR PRESS ANY BUTTON.  Eject the game from the disk drive immediately and go to Settings/Storage/[Drive]/Games/Gears of War 3 and look for a file(s) called "Corrupted File" (it will have a big exclamation point next to it).  Delete said file(s).  Put the game back in and select the drive that you normally would even though there is no save file on it.  Your data should be downloaded from the server and be as you last left it.  Once you are reset though as has been said, you are sol even though it isnt your fault, so be careful out there.

Hey ! thanks for the information. This would really help. I am so much into hitting the OK button of a dialog without reading and get going with the game...Would be careful in future..

I have slowly crawled to 8 again ... :)

Trade in gears of war 3 if it happens again, epic should warn people of things like this in game if they cared!!

this happened to me at level 67 :(

this has happened to everyone sorry :P

I got mine reset yesterday and I will not be playing Gears to level up I lost everything. I am still very upset about it. I was a level 89 Green and I had 61 Medals there is no way I want to start all over. Its awful that nothing can be done to retrieve what was lost. I am not looking for any wise remarks back or what I should of done to prevent this from happening. I just wanted to vent. I was playing horde on insane with my friends and the game froze completely when I restart playing Gears again everything was gone.

yeah.... this happend to me at level 165..... epic can go suck a fat *** *** pricks

WHO cares ...Its a meaningless number ...Remeber when games were played for fun and not taken advantage of to boost a pointless number..Gears 1 was just that ,and darn it was fun..I miss that...

Get rid of the whole dumb rank system altogther ,,Games are meant for ........,,ready for it ,,,FUN,Entertainment ,,not some punks constantly telling me how bad i suck for a level 100 or whatever  ..

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