my xbox locks up everytime i boot my gears of war 2 game!!

after the last update my xbox freezes when i load my game and i have a disc not digital copy of gears 2. i dont know what to do ive tryed to delete the cache, i uninstalled and re-installed the game and it still wont work...

dont know what to do any suggestions would help thanks.. 


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Do other games work? If not this is what happened to me before I got my red-ring of death, it happened 3 times so I know the signs.  If all games do this, my suggestion is to take it to gamestop while it still functions to get credit towards a new system, unless your under warranty then send it in.  It would suck to miss Gears 3 because of a bad system.  Best of luck.

Which xbox system do you have?

i have the new xbox slim

yes, they do.. i have the new slim xbox, so i shouldn't be the red ring of death but ill check it out thanks.

It's probably a bad disk. It happened to me when I popped in Ninja Gaiden 2 a week ago. My other games work fine.

Have you played the game split-screen? There is a glitch in which one profile can get corrupted, so you'll have to reset your profile:

You have the corrupted profile glitch. Benjo221 posted the thread I was going to reference - head over to the Epic Games forums for more info on possible fixes.