My Xbox freezes on Metro Rush on last stage....

Anybody else having their Xbox 360  freeze on Metro Rush (Hardcore) last stage???


 It seems to happen to most of my friends that are in the same game all at the same time. The freezing only happens on the last stage of Rush....or when the game ends.  I am playing on a server with a small ticket count of 200.



The freezing doesn't happen every game... but it seems to happen about 70% of the time when I get to the last stage of Metro Rush.




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Hmm... I don't play hardcore, I find Core has less campers, I'd rather have an action packed game than a hide and go seek game, buuuut. No, my Xbox SOMETIMES freezes, but it's rare and it's mixed up. It's probably the recent patch if you haven't reached that conclusion yet. I don't mind much, Metro isn't that good past the first two sets anyway. :P

It always seems to happen when the Metro Rush ends... or huge explosions are happening with sides of buidings falling.