My xbox 360 slim disk tray is stuck open .__.

so my disc tray is stuck open, it won't close. my mum tried to place a dvd in there and didn't know that you could press the eject button to close she tried to force it in which eventually made it get stuck open. like wtf i want to play my black ops 2. so any help and no i am not going to waste my money on another xbox so you can kiss my noob a#$ :}


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Even forcing it in will activate an automated close function. Much like every other disk playing device since 1990.

It could have been forced out of the gearing. If it is still under warranty, you can call xbox and send it in for repairs. Or try to do it yourself, but that is NEVER recommended unless the Xbox is out of warranty.  

Is your xbox still under warranty Your a Fat Noob? If not then there is a simple check you could do which I will happily help with.

I'd start off be reporting your drive is broken because I've heard of people getting their accounts banned for modding due to broken/defective drives.