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I just recently started up the Ultimate Team and have to say that I really enjoy this game mode. I am mostly playing head to head and doing pretty well. Had a couple questions about it and I am too lazy to figure it out. 1. It seems the best legit way to get coins is to play people head to head. Is that true? 2. What is the Auction board? And if it is for real players do people actually go on here? I have three McFadden cards, I don’t need two of them. 3. If a player’s contract expires, do I have to remove this player from my deck of cards or can I just keep them around until I get a contract card. BTW is there a good way to buy contract cards? 4. Any other tips? Thanks for any help.

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Put the game settings to All Madden or the All Pro, then adjust the CPU sliders down.  Don't adjust the user sliders though, that'll adjust the overall difficulty.  Then play the computer and rack up 900-1300 a game.

Buy packs and fill Collections.  

Use the auction house to sell extra collection players.  I try and turn them quickly buy making the buy it price for what the card is valued.  People buy up uniform card quickly as there are still a lot of folks trying to fill those collections.  Stadiums and coaches, not so much.

Look out for Clausen, Camarillo and CJ Spiller in the silver packs.  Rare and needed to fill collections.

You need to apply contact cards to players you want to keep.  If they hit zero, you can't play them till you apply the contract card to them.

If you can buy silver packs, sell off the uniforms and discard all but the contract cards, you'll make money and save up a lot of silver contracts you can apply to your players.  I do this over and over again looking for those three rare cards and actually make money doing it.

Thank you very much.