My Turn not updating regularly enough

"My turn" doesn't update most of the time. It shows I have no games waiting for my turn even though I receive a toast notification. I need to exit the game and relaunch it using the invite from Xbox live. This is a time consuming process. Maybe add a refresh button?

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Hmm, I have not ran into this yet. Depending how far into the 'rankings" you are, maybe it would be beneficial to uninstall the app and then reinstall it(?). Don't take that as a Support answer, just a possible solution in my opinion.

When you click on My Games when first launching the game, you can see a loading bar at the top as it contacts the server. However, when you return to the main menu without exiting the game, and click My Games again, it does not have the loading bar. I can see it does random refreshes if I wait long enough, but it's faster to relaunch it...

If I hear the DING sound, I know that I have a game waiting, but I don't always hear it.

Oops, I meant the water drop sound or whatever it is that tells you its your turn.

Ahh, gotcha. Not sure what to say as I often do my challenges then exit the app. I don't usually wait around long enough in it to have it ping me.

the ding in game means that someone has played a move or invited you, but... when someone creates a game with you it is "their turn" so you might find that the game is sitting their under Their Turns, with the score 0-0. They are probably still making up their mind, but there's nothing to stop you going in there and accepting the invite. If they do move whilst you are in there, the board should update automatically. There should be no need for a refresh,the game should keep updated whilst you are in there automatically.


I encounter this a lot while playing with my wife.  While she is making her move, I'll go play against other opponents for a couple of minutes until she is done.  Although I know she has gone (we often play in the same room), it won't update in My Turns until I eventually restart the game.  Sometimes, it will update immediately, but it usually takes quite a while.


I also have problems with the push notifications not going through.  All day long, I thought everyone was taking a break from the game because I hadn't received any notifications.  Then when I went to go do something on my phone, I was bombarded with about 10 notifications that I had received throughout the day.


Which brings me back to the original issue...if I open up one of those games from the Notification Center and make my move, I'll use the options to go back to the main menu.  Upon doing so, when I check My Turns, none of the other games show up.  I instead have to exit and restart AlphaJax from my actual Xbox Live Games list and then everything loads up properly.  This doesn't always happen, but it does happen fairly often.

so to confirm,.....

1. Games Hub to Game

2. Game to Main Menu

3. Main Menu to My Games (no refresh?)



Yes. Also, if lock the phone while the game is running in the main menu. I will receive a notification saying it is my turn when someone makes a move. However, if i unlock the phone it doesn't refresh. If i tap the notification, it relaunches the app and I can start playing. Or if I am not quick enough and the notification on the top vanishes, I need to relaunch the app manually.

Another issue is, sometimes relaunching the app still doesn't refresh it. I need to tap on the invite and enter the match directly, skipping the main menu.

Push notifications are not working. WP7 HTC HD7.