My time being wasted!

Hi everybody! I'd like to know what is the cause of this problem! It happens everytime I play online.

When in the lobby, when the timer reach 0 and the loading screen pops up you can tell everything is going ok if diifferent information about the game is displayed every couple seconds, but a lot of times it gets stuck or something, it stays on the same screen and after a long while the game goes back to the lobby and it always shows only one person made it to the race, it really sucks when I get into a lobby and I have to wait because the race is halfway done (i prefer to wait than going back and look for a different lobby) and then this happens, so I end up wasting like 10 minutes or so before i get to play.


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Could be very slow internet speed on your end.  How fast is your dial up?

It happens to everyone.

Heck, with me it kicks me out to dashboard and complains it can't read my disc (although I have it downloaded to the hard drive)

Same here Purist