My thoughts so far...(not a wall o text)

The Good - great graphics and well balanced destructibility.

I like the pace of unlocks and the extensive array of weapons and customization.

TDM is a good addition but the spawn system needs tweaking.

The conquest maps are better than in bad company and adding jets is great.

The Bad - Matchmaking is a pain in the *** although the server selection is a big plus. Still getting into the same game with your friends/squad is a dice roll much less getting on the same team if you actually do make the same game even if you're selecting half empty games.

Lighting is aweful, despite the nice textures and details, blinding glare and dark shadows are a problem (same with friends so its not my tv or settings)

Why do tank drivers have all day to escape before blowing up? It's retarted to spend a full minute avoiding shells while unloading all your rockets into it just so he can jump out and shoot you before the tank blows up!

Overall it's worth the buy but I see nothing special which is what I expected. This game feels more like Bad Company 3 than Battlefield 3. Conquest mode is not the frantic paced battle it used to be.It feels slow and plodding, I think the only solution is to borrow the spawn system from Modern Combat and eliminate squads from conquest. The scale down the maps a little, They're still a little too big for 12v12. Either that or make the player cap 16v16.


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ok maybe a little wall o text lol

lol you lied to me, that is a wall!!

Anyway, I totally disagree with you about the lighting. It looks FANTASTIC on my tv (60" LED). Try tuning the brightness from within the game... you and your friends.

Well with a 60" LED im sure the resolution of a disc smeared with poo would look good on your tv.

Yea tank drivers laugh at me and my RPG's.


Me:   Tank!!   Ill get out my RPG's,   ready set, <fire!>

Tank Driver: Hey I think someone is shooting at me..

Me: <now behind cover> OMG OMG reload faster!!!   Ok <fire>..

Tank driver: Oh it's just Uloi again  HAHA.  <Pauses to light his cigar..>

Me:  Dam its not even on fire?   RELOAD   Ready.. <fire> <hides>

Tank driver fires near me, leaving me at 1/2 health.

Then I pop out from cover to fire, while the tank is reloading, only to get mowed down by the machine gunner.

And while dead I see the tank driver pop out to touch up the paint job on his tank.