My thoughts on the demo so far...

Overall I think this years Madden, based on the demo, is leaps and bounds better than any other I can recall in the last 8 years. 

1. The new physics engine is great 
2. The game seemed fairly balanced for the most part 
3. Graphics are pretty decent 

Overall I enjoyed the 4 games I played last night. 

With that being said here is what I didn't like: 

1. The instant replays are really bad and take up too much time after every play. 90% of the time they show the end of the play and the camera angles were terrible. 
2. The coaches look bigger than the players do. Not a huge deal, but if you're a details person, it looks really corny. 
3. On All-Pro the interceptions are out of control for both sides. 
4. My Kinect calling didn't work at all. I was screaming at the TV and it never recognized me. Yes, even after I did a re-calibration. 
5. The Kinect menu takes up too much screen space. I would rather have a larger view of the field and have my players larger and clearer on the pre-snap screen, rather than a huge blue bar taking up 15% of the screen and the players being smaller. I hope this is something that can be turned on/off in the final version of the game. 
6. The "half-time" show/thing is really stupid. 
7. The field lighting was pretty bad in some areas. When I played with the Redskins they looked really dark. 
8. The infinity engine has some quirks. Players falling down after plays because another player touches them ect. 
9. The crowd is still horrific. 

Hopefully most of it will be fine tuned by release. Overall, solid game and I can't wait to buy the real deal.


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The kinect calling worked for me but only when I put my TV on mute not a big deal since I don’t plan on using that feature anyway. I agree though I hope you can turn off that kinect bar. Other than that I thought it was a solid demo and I’m looking forward to picking this up day one!

The commentary was terrible in both of my games. They were often wrong (saying twice in one game that it was a first down, when it wasn't) and talking about a great return that was for 2 yards.

They added a sound effect to make the hits sound bigger, but I kept hearing it after the play stopped, because a player bumped into another. I can't believe I'm the first person that says this, because it was fairly noticeable throughout the game.

The linebackers are absolutely ridiculous this year. They are still climbing the ladder and out running WR's. Read and react? Try "audible when you do just like every other year".

Can't wait to get a 360 again and pick this game up.

You can turn off the Kinect bar in the demo. Just go into the settings and turn of the Kinect feature and the bar will go away. I do agree that to many players fall down after a play is over. Just because their leg touched a player on the ground doesn't mean they should be tripping over that player. Maybe they added in flopping and forgot to tell us. When I did have Kinect on it wouldn't hear me 99% of the time so I just shut it off. Why is there no replay option in the demo?

While I agree this game's commentary isn't that great, it's still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the crap we had to listen to the last two years.

[quote user="Grizzly Face"]

While I agree this game's commentary isn't that great, it's still WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the crap we had to listen to the last two years.

[/quote]  I love Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, maybe I'm just used to hearing them every Sunday so it's not as bad and makes it more "realistic" to me anyway.

 I thought there was to be a Half time show with score/highlights, and the 3d booth. Or is this just left out of the demo to make it a smaller download? I played a few games and seems that the play is good, but the physics change so much going from pro to all pro or to all madden mode. In All madden hard for me to accept that the cpu wr's are always open on 3rd down to pick up the first downs. And the cpu blitz's way to much in the all pro and all madden modes. Found several flaws/bugs also but will wait to see if final release has fixed them before posting.