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Is there a way to sew how long I played certain games?


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Besides checking the dates of your achievements from start to finish i know of no other way except if the game (Skyrim,Oblivion,Fallout etc) keeps your hours logged in the the game stats. keeps track of your hours played for every game. They also have your overall playtime on Xbox.

Xbox One titles are shown with the amount of time played on Xbox Smartglass when looking at your profile.

The time played on the Xbox One games is a neat little feature.

On X1, however, it keeps counting the time even if you go to Home (or use any apps in the meantime) and it is keeping the game suspended in the background.

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I use Raptor, and Steam.

Definitely a handy thing to have on the console. I like comparing time played too just to be geeky :D

Keeping the game suspendid in the background is also another interesting feature and quite convenient.

Raptr is the only way, I think playfire does too but most use Raptr