My stats get reset?

A few days ago I was playing Black Ops 2 and this was before I downloaded the Revolution DLC and when I went into Multiplayer it notified me that my stats had been reset. My kills and leaderboard stats were the same but now It says in my combat record that my best weapon is the FHJ-18 AA with 2.5264514e+008 kills!! And the amount of EMPs I used was uncountable! And same thing for the Orbital VSAT. I don't know what to do or who to contact. Please help!!!!! And also whenever my stats get "reset" all of my guns are locked, I lose all my unlock tokens, but I recieve one permanent unlock. My prestiges and level aren't affected.

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Probably have to ask treyarch as to why. Maybe they think you were boosting or something.

Doesn't sound like a reset, sounds like an infection. First I've seen anything like this.