My sons communication suspension

My sons communications was suspended and I would like to know why?? It said for 1 day , which ok that's fine, but then it changed to 9/9/13 that's not right.. he didn't say anything else to get the extra days!! His sreen name is chaslayer2010.. I wasn't even informed of ANYTHING that was going on..Please get back to me cause this just isn't right.. Thank you Heather Coltrin


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My son's communications was suspended and I would like to know why as well. It is suspended for 2 weeks and I know he didn't do anything intentional. I should have been notified prior to the suspension with information as to why. I am with him when he plays and I know he has trouble with other player's language, tells them not to talk like that and then mutes them. He is a good player and I have been told that players who don't like certain players can complain about things-are taken for their word and the suspension begins. I question how accurate your information really is and if you know what you are doing. I am unable to get directly in touch with the team who suspends players as if they are hiding. This is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have paid for the Xbox itself, then for the games and the membership and I can't get anyone to speak with. My son's screen name is assassin pro188. This is all totally wrong. Thank you Cynthia R Otterson.

My son's communication has been suspended and I would like to know what the problem is.  His gamer tag is ninjanick2121.  He was suspended for 1 day then he received another message that he is suspended for a week.  I would like to receive a copy of whatever it is that you based this suspension on please.  I have heard the things that go on on Xbox and I am wondering if all of the parties involved are suspended as well.  I am NOT pleased with what goes on.  I think you should have people monitoring these games while being played on-line so therefore you can see for yourself what goes on.  Thank you for your PROMPT response.  Carol Yanni

What resoltion was found on these instances?  I am currently dealing with the same thing.  a two week suspension for my ten year old who is one of the few that does not use the bad language his friends do.

Hi, the same thing has happened to my 11 year old son on his Xbox One. I am trying to find out how to ask for more information but am having problems. Please can someone help me?

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next time this happens i would just go into a support chat/call with microsoft as they can look into issue and resolve it

My son's communication has been suspended and I would like to know why so I can give him the appropriate consequence.  His gamertag is BUDDERDRAGON517.  I have been on the enforcement page and I am not able to state my case.