My solution for campers....

is to be better than them.


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Looks like you get the advantage from the lag compensation a lot. What type of connection are you running on?

Lag compensation or not, he was definitely advantaged.


"I'll just spray my ACR at this guy after being shot a couple of times... Hey look, that was easy".

My solution for campers is to join a cult and commit mass suicide so that the skilled players can be rid of you.

That was 4:28 minutes of my life that I will not be able to get back.

I didn't see much camping. It looks more like you had some lag advantage. I don't camp much but I can't help myself when someone who I just killed tries to come back and get revenge 3 or 4 times. All you have to do is move 5 to 10 feet and wait and if they are stupid enough to come back then too bad for them.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the OP had an lag advantage.  I'm not saying the Op isn't good but if the playing field was fair it would have been a different story.

off topic ^^ ghorman, i cant find that megatron quote. Looking at the episode now

Its in there i have all the epsidoes....

Character development

Starscream believes, “the times are a’ changing – and if we plan on surviving, we’re going to need to change with them.” Obviously his Sunstorm experience has changed his outlook: “I have seen the future, and it does not bode well for any of us… after all is said and done, only the strong shall survive. And we will be the strong.” He knows something is about to happen and is getting his troops ready, but he’s obviously out of his depth (training the Combaticons isn’t exactly going to prevent a coming apocalypse).

Still, he doesn’t play the leader role too badly. He can do the speeches (even though his troops don’t seem to know quite what he’s talking about) and he can silence dissension too: “the only deal your demoralising chassis needs to worry about is how I’ll choose to deal with your opportunistic scheming. Do I make myself clear?” He conducts the training session which doesn’t go too well, leaving him to proclaim: “I have morons on my team!” and, “is this the kind of performance I can expect from my ‘elite’ combat squad?” He doesn’t have much faith in his team at all: “oh, not again! Can this ‘bot ever win?! Why is good help so hard to find?”