My soldier never save changes

Every time before I sign off, I go to my soldier to change to my new unlocks, change camo and just clear the little yellow new unlock indicator.  After I am done, I will press b back to the main title screen before I turn off my console.  Next time I sign on, nothing has saved.  I thought this was just one of the many release bugs that would get patched so I didn't really care but post-patch, it still does this, why?  And why when the yellow triangle indicator shows you have something new, does it show it on EVERYTHING, old and new?  What is so hard about making a decent menu and customization system?


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i've had similar problems with attachments not staying attached to the weapons. they weren't new unlocks either.. i put the bipod on one of my snipers then the next game it wasn't on it again. its happened several times so far. i also had my xbox freeze up thanks to whatever dice did with this patch so i thought that might have had somthing to do with it but i guess not. way to make people not like playing your product dice. i mean after all i did already purchase this game and own it, yet you change it for me without asking me to do so. maybe i don't like your product with the patch you put on it and never would have bought the game the way it is now.

Yea the menus are lame.

Next time do exactly what you did in the OP except after you make your classes don't sign off line. Go back to the Multiplayer menu and look at the leader boards for a little bit. Then go back to the main menu and you should be good next time you sign on.

BF saves automatically in the menu's at random.

i probably should note that i had a problem with my attachments during the game i switched attachments and the next time around they weren't equiped.

lol yea in-game class customization is a whole other story.  I had a 12x ballistic scope on the G53(submachine gun) when I first unlocked it.  What a mess.