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 Trying to get some players in a server. I had it full last night and lo and behold today it's empty again. It's running normal for now with 200% tickets, Kharg, Caspian, Firestorm and Oman conquest for now. It's in the South US. Right now the name is -[DICE]- NORMAL 25478 just because I'm trying to get players in there. Normally It's named ***Steel Inferno***.

 Send me a friend request or if you can find it on your own please join. No admin abusing kicks/bans there. My only rule is please don't intentionally ram with the jets and basically don't be a jerk. I would really prefer players who play for the objective and use teamwork but whatever. Older players preferred or players that play the objectives. None of my friends play this anymore and I an still enjoying it for the most part so I guess I need new friends :-)

 Thanks for reading this and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.


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These are the new clan posts.

Eh? Explain please. I'm not looking to join/start a clan. I just want some people to play with in the server I'm paying for.

[quote user="IsaacClarkeSNL"]

These are the new clan posts.


Agreed!     Although the "join muh server!!1!!" threads are more annoying.


Yup. Sticky thread required so that they can post in one place so no one can be bothered to read them.

Well sorry if I annoyed you. You honestly did not have to even read the post. You probably gathered from the title what it was about. Even so I see no reason for you to come in with your attitude. I didn't ask for your opinion so you are more than welcome to stay out of my thread.

Also it was as much about finding new people to play with as it was the server. Anyway my faith in console gaming has wavered once more knowing the likes of you are among It's ranks. Thanks for the insightful reply. I feel all the more dumb for reading it. Be sure to come back and reply so as to waste another 5 minutes of your life in a thread you have nothing to contribute to.

You are probably best off not responding to the trolling crew Slugg. After all they are ignoring you or are just plain rude. You should just pretend they never posted and report the posts for off topic discussion. Your thread is fine. However there is at least one thread out there for folks who want to post their server in. You might have more luck posting in that thread -->

Thank you fo the advice.