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For Rasta :)

Never realised they had the window-sized RDS from COD4 back...

I prefer the Mw2, but hey, IDM, a red dot is a red dot.

Can't stand either of the last 2 modern warfares. MW2 was a step towards stupid and MW3 took stupid to a whole new level.... in my opinion.

MW3 is second only to MW2.

EDIT: ^ Whoa *FACEPALM*! Are you high! Do you want me to spank you and tell you what you did wrong young man! Because i'll tell you, I got alot more rants about MW3 than five things!

Well I liked MW2, I personally prefer it with the hacks, because those two days of super speed lobbies were awesome and holy crap it's 4am!

I could make a list 100 deep of bf3 problems and not have one problem lag related.  Like you showed a video of someone lagging, it happens on bf3 too, deal with it.  I get shot around corners in bf3 on the regular, shoot rockets that for some reason don't exist when I die but that is far from the worst problems plaguing bf3 right now.

No, but connection is vital, and battlefield is far less broken than MW3, heres a few examples:

1. Lag

2. Lag Compensation

3. Maps

4. Shotguns.

5. Weapons

6. Changes that were not nesseccary, such as double tapping has a delay.

7. The one thing Black Ops did good, Dolphin Diving.

8. Not fixing the code

9. Under Hardhat

10. Invincibility glitch (patched however)

See what I mean? Oh not to mention the PP90, the Type 95, etc.

This is Battlefields:

Certain maps

UMAD-12 w/ Frag Rounds

Random Bad Lucks

Audio Glitch.

That is really all that I can think of.

lol common man, one of your points is patched, how long has bf3 been out and nothing has been fixed?  Lag?  Get good internet, sorry your moms won't spring for the ultra speed.  And shotguns and weapons you feel are overpowered?  Typical bf3 kid is typical.

I would make another list but I would hope by now you know all the problems I have found so far.  But I will leave this with you : proning so 80% of your body is in a wall or rock, green and orange screen flashes, not being able to jump through windows, frag rounds for shotguns making shotguns become noob toobs with pin point sniping capabilities.  I don't even need to continue, that's enough there to declare bf3 broken.

Armani what is your internet speed? http://www.speedtest.net/

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