My rank has randomly gone down....?

Was level 55 playing some Kill Confirmed and my friend invited me to play spec ops. i accepted the invite but failed to join, then when i came back to multiplayer i was level 43....

What's with that? 


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Same thing happened to me, started the day a 26, played for a few awhile up to 32 completing a lot of gun challenges, left to pick up some stuff, came back... 26 again... all the stuff I had done G O N E.  WTH is up with that!!!!

If this happens to me, i swear on my life. I. Will. Cry.

yeh i was a 60 and am now a 54, lost all of the emblems and titles i gained, my k/d has gone right down. bit of a p*ss take to be honest. is there a fix?

The fix = you get to do it all again!  I was glad in the a.m. to get assasin and to finish almost all the S-CAR attatchments, in the p.m. when I played again I was not so glad to be set back to 26.  I saw the old set up I was using and wondered why that wasn't the way I left it.  Then I saw the level was down 6, so I turned off the XBOX hopping it was just a momentary glitch, it was not...  It was like I had played at all today, no sir I don't like it, hope it never ever happens again.  I hope there is some kinda explanation or someone tells us what to do to avoid it if at all possible.