My quest to play the game without causing damage!

 So I have done my second play through with some DLC added in this time and I am getting kind of bored and craving a challenge. I have a friend who is going to play the game without putting any points into any weapon skills, but still using a weapon. Then I got the idea to try to play the game, without ever causing damage, no guns, melee.




We talked about it and came to the idea that it is possible since when you think about it all the quests don't really require you to kill something. They require you to go from point A to point B with tons of killing things inbetween.


I have decided to use a stealthy build (sneak) and have high endurance in my SPECIAL. I will also max my speech, lock picking, and science so I can cut corners and take short cuts.


I will be using the allies like Fawkes to do all the killing for me (keep in mind im still not shooting, or punching or anything)


I could use some help on some potential perks to choose, any ideas? I am kind of lost on what perks would help me avoid damage and stuff like that.


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Toughness(lvl6) for sure, then I'd look at Animal friend(lvl10)- Life Giver, Silent Running, Fast Metabolism(lvl12)-Lite Step, Adamtanium Skeleton(lvl14)-Tag(lvl16)-Solar Powered(lvl20)........

Thanks. I was lost on what to choose but that set up seems good.

NP :)....looking at the wiki it appears they changed the toughness perk from +3 (2x) to 10% one shot. Also, I didn't mention Thief which you can take early and add to your sneak. Levels 20-30 didn't seem to be much help for your build except for Almost Perfect, but that's a lvl30 perk.......Good luck with it!

think ur gonna get creamed but good luck,nice idea.

Best of luck,  I think you're gonna need it.  

If You want a small achievable challenge try Wasteland survivor all melee on very hard. You have to sell all guns and ammo and can only upgrade melee and armor via your enemies. You get three chances and if You croak on the third try You have to start over. It's fun and a challenge. You can finish around level 7 and get guru status.

So i has given up on this awhile ago because I got to the point where you have to clean out the jefferson memorial. I stopped trying for a long time till just the other day I stumbled upon the scrapyard. Now I have dog meat and am continuing on. I currently am going to go to vault 87 and grab fawks and the GECK.

It's unfortunate that this is so hard because you could always play the non-violent character in Fallout games before this (and you can do it New Vegas too).  I guess if you don't want to cause damage but don't mind shooting, you could always just target people's weapons in VATS.  That way, you don't kill them and they can't harm you.  Also, if you can somehow complete Operation: Anchorage without killing anyone, the Chinese stealth armor is IMMENSELY helpful for this, since it's basically an infinite stealth boy

That sounds dumb  imo. I like shooting people.

i agree w PuffMcD - there's nothing like blowing someone away from 100 yds with the hunting rifle for me - or getting up close and doing it w the 10mm sub.

i mean - each to their own (isn't that the joy of FO3!!) - but i prefer laying a path of frag mines then backpeddling and watching a supermutant overlord slowly kill himself as he stumbles towards you!

either way - enjoy...

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