My player stats and mvp questions

Since everyone here was so helpful on my last my player question I figured why not come again with another question. Ok so I am currently the best player in the nba says and I have the best shooting stats in nba history ( broke almost all shooting records except freethrow you know the 3 point, most points scored in a game, most field goals made those 3) and I have good assists ( averaging 5.6 a game I think I would have more but first starting out I had a shoot first forget the team and win mindset since they kept missing but now I get 5-13 assists a game and pass out a lot). I just got my shoe deal from jordan brand and have won the player of the week 6 times in a row and 2 more times after that ( got injured so I lost my status in the league) so I am back now with a 30 and 15 record 5 best team in the nba and im not on the mvp list!!! The usual players like d rose, kobe, and cry baby no ring lebron are there but im not and yet I am  number one on the rookie charts!!! 


When I go into league leaders I am 69th in the league as a point guard and 357th throughout the whole nba!! When I look at my stats is says DNO what does that mean? Please so I can try and fix this so I can become mvp and any mvp tips? I am halfway through the season 22 days till the trade deadline is over if that helps you find out where I am and I am a rookie. 


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Its DNQ for did not qualify. As long as u dont miss much more time u should see ur name in the race as well as ur ranking go up as soon as u hit the qualifying # of games needed.

thanks and how many games would I need to complete out of the season to qualify so I can get mvp

U know im not exactly sure. I think its a % of games played throughout the season. I got hurt and missed about 8 games it took me a while to get back in race. My injury was in november and i didnt show up in race until march.

i had the most points in the league but didnt qualify. it didnt matter cus the game glitched and lebron averaged 74 ppg and 114 minutes

I average 55 points a game with 5 steals a game and 10 assists... he aint got nothin on me lol I broke half the nba records for  a single game and the record for 3 point shots in a single season so yea I am number one now on my old my player in mvp, number one rookie, and number 3 defensive player of the year