my player forced to carry team

im on the clippers in my second season and only i can score. everytime i pass to someone  they just pass it straight back to me. my player is good but i cant carry a whole team. any1 else have the same problem


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its how the game is i avg 34 ppg 11rb and 13 assist as a shooting guard this game is too fake

What position do you play?

Try to handle the ball and make a play for your teammates

Try and give the ball to a big guy when he posts up close to the basket.

The game is broken in My Player. 2K needs to fix all these bugs. They are getting better, but they still have a ways to go.

the easiest way to get assist points is pick and rolls you get an easy way to make the guy run to the basket or do amazing and get double teamed but make sure you have amazing ball handeling and pass then pass the ball to the open man and boom almost never misses

yea what the guy before me said and also if they are horrible ( like the cavs when i played for them) and you just cant do anything for them request a trade to a better team...

I have the same problem but I'm on the Lakers. I score a lot and get about 7 rebounds a game but barely any assist. When I pass it to Kobe he shoots and most of the time misses, I pass to the point guard and he stays at the 3 point line waiting for time to run and shoots the 3 and misses. When I pass to Gasol or Bynum they waste time and pass it to me forcing me to shoot some bad shots (i make most of them but I still get bad shot selection)

im a point guard and i do pass to griffin and kaman but they make 1-10 of those layups but we have started to get better and gone form 0-4 to 5-5 nothing great but hopefully we can make the playoffs since i didnt make it with the hawks in my first season. were not a great team but i dont want to go to the bucks or pacers when im a starter for the clippers

I have that same problem some games and I play SG for Orlando. Some games certain players are hitting shots so I feed them the ball until they start missing then it's in to Bass and Howard. Every now and then I'm forced to score 20 in the fourth quarter just for us to have a chance to win.