My opinion of the Shadow Broker add-on

Not too much to be say besides the fact it gave me a run for my money. The bosses had unique obstacles to them "Those who played on insanity know what I mean*. After having to deal with the Enemy wave near the entrance door, I made my way blah blah blah, shadow broker! He was more fun then I expected *on insanity of course for the heck of it*. The avoiding his ability to destroy all of your cover and just mop the floor with you, it wasn't half bad, I would do it again! *More headaches*


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I also liked the final boss in the Shadowbroker DLC. My problem with it was that the shooting sections went on for too damn long.


I was really starting to get bored on the ship at the end before I finally found Feron and then the Shadowbroker.

I enjoyed it.  I played on insanity too. I thought it was pretty well balanced to be honest. It was by far the best ME2 mission, and the Yahg was a real treat!