My One and Only Problem.

Spawn campers. Granted, I know you can choose your own spawn via squad. But if they are all gone (dead) you spawn in your teams default spawn. People seem to camp the living daylights out of these areas. It's only annoying once in a while, because squads (good squads) are rarely all dead at once. But I just wish people would stop taking advantage of it. Even when a squad isn't completely dead, you can always assume someone is behind you no matter what. This is my only complaint about BF3 and it's been my only complain about BF ever. Just wish it would stop, but it'd be foolish to assume it would stop. Just a thought, not a question. Sorry if this has been posted before.


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this is the same as BF2, BFBC2. MW/MW2/MW3. why dont you go away and design some A.I. logic, write it out in psuedo code (as im guessing C++ isnt in your repitoire) then submit it to DICE / Infinity wards / Raven Software. Job done no more problems in the world of gaming thanks to you! LOL