My one, and only, complaint.

I was dubious about this game at first, but it has exceeded my expectations. I have one gripe. After you hit the ball, the camera swings around to the front of the ball. This makes it difficult to see where the ball is traveling and what path it went, so you can make adjustments for any repeated attempts. Other than that, I've been enjoying this game immensely, and I don't even really like golf! The records being marked on the course, and the xp, was a brilliant idea and makes the game very addictive. Also, I'm glad to see the micro transactions are not a must and do not make the game feel incomplete, nor offer huge advantages. As always, feel free to add me! 18+ yrs old, please, and remember too add friend, not just follow.

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I am not a fan of the new camera angle to the side of the ball as it lands on the green, but some of the other views are much more dramatic from the original camera work in the game.

Gleny, did you get to see the camera work before the update last week?  Just curious if you liked it better  I haven't seen the game in action myself.  

Jayadub, I know you've been playing the since about day one, do they not give you any camera control options?  If you had your druthers, would you opt to go back to the pre-update camera work?

J you have no control other than a pre shot preview controlled by the Y button which can be rotated. You can raise or lower your point of view to see the landing area and any obstructions or green terrain to pick a landing area.


Gleny is talking about the trail cam where the cam now swings out and around the ball in flight to finish facing almost pointed back at the tee. I see what he means but only from the point of not knowing what the shot will do. If you know the holes as well as some do you have a good idea when you have done wrong, camera or no.


I would say that overall I like the changes to the game cameras I just don't agree on the choice of point of view for some of the shots. Some low oblique views were a little jarring at first due to the drastic change from any of the angles shown in the game before. Now that I have played with them for a week or so I know what to expect, if not when. So no I wouldn't go back.

I really wish you could free view the hole i.e do a fly over, Sometimes I have no idea where the green is if there is a shortcut or whats over the ridge.

My only other gripe would be some of the shots the pro's pull off are unreal, In the bunker then in the rough and I'm thinking I got this hole in the bag then pop chipped in from 90 yards. Talk about frustrating..

Liking the game though change of pace from COD

There is a flyover at the start of every hole but no free view once you have taken a shot. There also is an overhead view using the view button, what used to be the back button on the 360 controller.