My OCD and dead people

Elder scrolls once again reminds me of how disturbed I am. I can't just leave dead people lying around everywhere above ground. Whenever a battle is done with more than one foe I like to pile them up in compromising positions, shoot arrows into the pile;stick weapons into it at the perfect aesthetic angle; then stand on the pile of corpses and wait for the free camera to rotate while I take a break from the game literally cook a real dinner or clean my house. Same with Necromacers(80% of my Necromancers are female; thank you Devs!), my battlemage is getting really really good with beheading; so of course Ill play with their severed heads for a little while before strolling off.

My worst OCD is with dead refugees and other innocents that I didnt kill, I cant just leave them lying on the road; so I line them up alongside or off the road in a respective fashion, and cover them with pelts out of sympathy. Maybe say a little prayer and then go through their stuff. Does anybody else have any weird Obsessive Compulsive Disorders like me? Please share!


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....Get help :(

Hmm...maybe YOU'RE the gentleman ninja!

Nope, just you. You might want to seek help elsewhere?

LOL, I kinda do similar things. SIMILAR.


But for instance, in whiterun a dragon attacked and killed two or three guards, but the bodies never disappear so I have these bodies just laying in the middle of the market. So I drug their bodies under a bridge so I didnt have to look at the mess the dragon made.... and I stashed lydias corpse in my the back of my alchemy room in my whitrun house, I mean.... huh? who said that...?

Make sure to to throw some mountain flowers on her so she doesnt stink up the place.

I suppose that's one way to spend your time in Skyrim.

You would make a great friend for Cicero.

lol i want screen shots