My new love!

I recently staring using the G3A3 and man I have been missing out. I have been causing some serious damage with it.  


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Yeah G3 is awesome.

I've used it since the B2K patch nerfed it to crap.  Was weak and terrible but I didn't care.  Since they buffed it, it's become my number one rifle. 

I roll Holo with Heavy Barrell and Bipod for longer range shooting (high recoil in case Hyper gives me crap and calls me names)

I love Nutella on graham crackers......wife got me hooked

Nutella makes you fat... it's got loads of aspartame too. I'd watch out for that.

G3 however, I'd recommend.

so does beer....whats your point?


I guess if I ever become morbidly obese with cholesterol problems and arrhythmia.......I guess the culprit will be that occasional graham cracker with nutela spread on it I ate every once in a while

I'd be more worried about the aspartame. It's the radioactive crap of genetically altered e-coli you know. I feel bad for all those who drink diet coke all day.

Can't really say much about the beer though, I have an occasional beer every night. Our beer is brewed by an old german law though... only hops, water and malt, no chemicals or the company gets the stick. Well... not anymore... but no one buys it.

dude, my computer is giving off radiation. better throw it out. oh jeez, so is my trash can. what can i do :c

omg Nutella is soooooo good.....

The Aspertame stuff is all BS.

You know what the problem really is? People drinking Diet Soda all day everyday with nutella. People who simply cant drink a glass of water or eat anything right. Aspertame is the most tested chemical by the FDA. Its just a scare tactic to get fat people to realize that just because it says "diet" doesnt mean you can drink it all day. If you dont wanna die. Get a better diet.




my usual lunch consists of salads or fresh vegetables with just a tiny bit of ranch dressing....I tried "light" ranch dressing, but it's repellant and I'd rather lick a toilet seat....anyway, ranch aside you can eat vegetables all day  

My eating habits all changed when I went to the Doctor cause my guts were killing me everytime I ate something. I tell the doctor, look I dont want your finger up anything or you taking any blood. Id rather die then you do that to me. And then he told me he couldnt really do anything for me without doing tests.


So I ask,  Im just gonna tell you whats going on, and you give me some pointers? So I tell him I basically I eat tacobell and mtdew almost everyday, I smoke dope and drink beer everyday. Doctor told me to stop drinking soda and eating crap. Told me to eat certain portions of meats, veggies, fruits, breads. And guess what? After a week of just watching what I eat and drink, and everyonce in awhile do something active. My pain went away. Fast foward to today and I've never felt better. Granted i eat taco bell every so often or drink a mt dew. But everything in moderation is the key.

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