My MW3 Ideas.


Hey all. I thought I ould share some of my ideas and thoughts to you all, on what I think would make MW3, one of the best COD's to be launched. This post is going to be fairly long, so sit back and enjoy! (You have been warned so don't whine about the length!) ;-)

First thing that comes to mind, I hated the fact that in Black Ops, you could unlock all of your customisational options, really early in the game. What was it, at Level 27 you unlocked Facepaint, and you could'nt unlock anything else from that point on except weapons? Stupid. I can understand where Treyarch is coming from, giving the player a choice in WHAT they want to unlock first and WHEN they want to do so, but, like me and lots of others, we like to have a strict guidance in what is unlocked. We LIKE being rewarded with stuff over time. Keeps us playing. Let's face it, Black Ops get's boring at Level 30+ until you hit Prestige then you do it again!

So, MW3 should scrap this idea all together. Go back to COD4's, WaW's and MW2's way of doing things. When you level you unlock Perks, Killstreaks, Attachments etc. I mean, how fun was it to go for Headshots with a certain weapon like the M16 and unlock camo for it along the way? Nowadays, all you need to do is get to Level 22 and it's all there! What's the point?

Bring back Camoflage that needs to be unlocked with headshots! Then you have to buy the camoflage with COD points? For example:

Desert -

Woodland -

Yukon -

20 Headshots - 1500CP
10 Headshots - 1000CP
5 Headshots - 500CP

Next is attachments. I kind of liked what they did with MW2. Use another attachment to unlock another one. They should definately bring this one back! Get's you experimenting with things, which is always good! Once you have unlocked that certain attachment, you have to buy it, just like BO.

Now, I'm kind of on the fence with this one. I like how it is now, but I can't really think of another way they could do this. They could, maybe, do what Homefront did, but instead of spending Battlepoints (Homefront's currency system), you would spend COD Points on calling in your Killstreaks. For example:

3 Kills / Spy Plane -

5 Kills / Predator Missile -

7 Kills / Attack Helicopter -

Calls in an Attack Helicopter which patrols an area of your choice. Costs 2000 COD points to call in.
Calls in a Predator Missile which you control. Costs 1000 COD Points to call in.
Shows enemy movement on your radar. Costs 250 COD Points too call in.

So, basically, you get XP, but you also get COD points in the matches you play. You DON'T get to keep these COD points however and using such points does not deplete from your overall CP balance. The CP's you use in a match are strictly gained in that match. The more things you do for your team, the more CP's you earn. For example, if your playing Headquarters and you have a 3, 5 and 7 killstreak setup, you can't camp it out like most people do and just get kills, if you capture a HQ, you get 200 COD points to your balance to spend on your streaks in game.

This basically promotes teamplay. Oh and BTW, I only called them Killstreaks because I could'nt think of what to call them. Scorestreaks? Maybe. So, what I'm saying is, the Killstreaks you commonly knew, are not obtained by getting Kills. They are gained by getting COD points. So, anything you do, get a kill, assist, capture a HQ, capture a flag, they all add up to your total balance so you can then go and spend it on a "Scorestreak!".

So basically if I'm playing beast in Domination, and I have 4000 COD points, I can then call something I have chosen, let's say Attack Dogs and they cost 3500 to call in. That will leave me with 500 COD points left, but I can still earn more points!

Next up, Challenges. What's the point in challenges in BO's. Once you hit 50, max XP limit, they offer NOTHING. IW needs to change this. Back in MW2, each and every challenge either rewarded you a title or a new emblem! In Black Ops, you don't get nothing cept' XP. Tbh, I think they should add a titles again, onto your playercard. Along with your own emblems. Either that, or have it so when you do a challenge, you unlock an emblem out of the list of emblems you can choose.

For example, Get 30 Prone Kills rewards you with the Letter "H" in the emblem creator. So, once again, you can't buy everything straight away.

Also, they definately need to add more than twelve layers! That was ridiculously small, and it was pretty much useless as you could'nt have created the stuff you wanted. 50 would be an ample amount.

Titles guys?

Next up, they should now move on from Perk Pros, to WEAPON Pros. Now, I'm kind of thinking with this, they may be able to get rid of perks all together. So basically, you have an AK47. It's just your standard **** rifle with a Red Dot sight attachment. Now, you have just gotten 1000 kills with it. Oooo, AK47 Pro. Nice! Now, you get to choose out of the following upgrades.

Faster Reload Speed

ADS Quicker

Faster Rate of Fire

Magnum Bullets

More Ammunition

Guys, I have not thought all of the possible upgrades through but it would be pretty nice. Also, once you reach like 2500 kills, your weapon evolves even further, from AK47 Pro, to an AK47 ProPlus, meaning you can have two upgrades now! Once you hit 5000 kills with that badboy, you get the AK47 ProPlus+, meaning your AK47 has just turned either;



Red Flames

Blue Flames

Green Flames


So once you hit that last target, you are rewarded with an EXCLUSIVE camoflage, that you can't get anywhere else, unless you get 5000 kills with that weapon! Also, that camoflauge is strictly for that weapon only. You have to get another 5000 kills with another weapon if you want it again.

Just a few ideas, I can't remember all of my stuff I wanted to share to you guys. I'll try and remember.

Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think.


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Sorry for the stupid freakin' way it's set out. I used bullet points, it's just these damn forums. They suck!

Heh your ideas seem alright . With the killstreaks you are trying really hard to turn COD into HF.

So you want battle points like Homefront.....?