my minecraft server was griefed

my minecraft server was griefed by someone neither me or my friends knew of.  he wasn't on anyone's friends list either



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He probably had a friend of a friend. Hopefully is rebuildable.

As suggested by MKNBaconStrip, It could have been a friend of someone on your friend list. It could have also been a player you recently played another game with.

Always make sure to adjust your in game Minecraft server settings to friends only or invite only to prevent this in the future.

Anytime another player Is being abusive, make sure to file a report as well.

In addition to Knight JEM:


Make sure to save the game often.
Then you can prevent that any damage that was made by someone or yourself, that you can restore it without any problems.
I do recommend to turn off auto-save and save it manually. You can set when the game wants to save the gamem but I quess you do not know exactly when. For example, if you fall in lava and right at that point the game is making a point for auto-saving, then you are quite fu*ked.
If you do it manually, you can save it whenever you want without issues. I save my game every 5-10 minutes so any damage that is taken within that time is easy to restore.

For the rest, I do also recommend to turn off Allow Friends Of Friends. Now do you exactly know who is able to join: Only your friends.

Either set the world on Invite Only. Now the other players can only join with invite and no other way.

Before you start the world, I suggest to turn off the option: Trust Players. This means, if they enter the world for the first time, they can't do anything without permission.

The only thing what they can do is walk, sprint, jump and look around. For the rest totally nothing.


I hope the things that were damaged can be restored.


Hope this is some good advice for the next time :)

Met vriendelijke groet,

Rick N.,

the 2 men/ woman above me are totally correct and you shall listen to them