Hey, so I have spent alot of time and effort to get my level higher in gears 3. I managed to get to level 42 and I was ranked 2331 in Versus Warzone. My buddy decided to play the campaign when I was offline, and now my level reset to level 1, im #@$@ing pissed! I payed $65 for this *** to happen? wtf.. Is there some way I can fix this because if there isn't I really dont have the time to get my level back to 42.. I feel like bringing the game back this sucks..

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Wow.  Whatever happened to playing games for fun.  Who buys games just to get to the highest level?

I play it for fun obviously I wouldn't play it if it wansn't fun. I also wouldn't mind being a high rank and a high level and when you hard work just resets on you its a **** off...! What level are you? I bet if it got reset you would be upset too!

That sucks but take it back? Seriously? Just play the game, have fun, and you'll be back up to your level in no time.

No I actually wouldn't be upset because Rank means nothing in this game anyways.

Rank don't mean much, but having to unlock all the mutators again sucks.

You are not alone in the rank reset.  Seems to be a growing problem.  Go make a post on the Epic GOW3 Issues forums and hopefully someone will take a look at it.   

You have only had it a week and a half so go rank up again!

patience, eventually you will rank up again and get all your mutators back

Man up and go play!