My infected Score got reset

Hello has anyone else had this issue?


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Two of my clan mates had there stats reset. They contacted activision which is looking into it. I think some hacker is having fun with people

I guess anything is possible but i think its just something else besides that but thanks for the reply :)

Yes. Played a few games Monday afternoon. Went back to play later that night and noticed I was unranked on all the leaderboards.i called activision and they said they were aware of this issue that was widespread. That they had a backup but was working to fix this.  Since I have called everyday and get the run around. Now I get an email stating I have violated the terms of service!!! I am aware of  one friend with same issue. I also noticed about 20 of the top 100 in search and rescue are no lingers there. I have 22 days logged and after a lot of work got to 31 in the world in search and rescue to be reset for no reason.  I believe that there was a glitch in their end that they can't fix and their easy way out is to slander you by saying you violated something !!  I have searched all over the place and this has happened to 100s of legit gamers .. They say they are cleaning leaderboards.... Well go take a look at the leaderboards... It's a joke guys with 1 day played 574,765,999 score.... This is how a multimillion dollar company treats u after you spend $$$$$ on their product

I'm sorry bout the typo multiBillion dollar company

The 500 million score on previous Call of Duty games correct? havent seen that on Ghost and sorry to hear about that they give steps on how be safe from things like this tho

I did not have my whole stats reset but I had unlocked the ghillie suit in TDM and its locked and I have no kills with the chorme barrel and all 850 kills with the sniper rifle and chrome barrel are GONE : (

@WagesofSin7 i have been thinking about getting that but eh sorry that you lost it