My Idea For a Sandbox Game

A Pirate game set in approximately 1500's - No name as yet

- Starty of with a small rowing boat with a flimsy sword

- Works in the same way as Gears of War 3's Horde where you start of with a basic ship, no cannons, no crew, no plank, manual navigation, and ripped sails

- As you do missions on land and swa like make friends you unlock things you can add to your ship for in game coins, you then have a mission where you now have enough of a crew to highjack a basic gallion

- You hire your crew after offering a trial period, characters can be a mixture of troublesome but a good gunman, annoying, and so on

- You can leave prisoners on islands when your prison cells are full, buy sharks to circle the the small island

- Hunt for tresure, and also bury tresure, and you get a warning that rivals crews are digging up your tresure chest

- It is abit of a fantasy pirate game like Pirates of the Carribeann 2's plot with the big monstor

- Stop off at islands for food and suplies

- Make people walk the plank!

- Just generally like Red Dead Redemption/GTA/ Saints Row, but Pirates!

- Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas



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Seems like a good start. Whats the story about though? What are you trying to accomplish? Were you a great pirate once who somehow lost everything?

Sounds like you got most of these ideas from the Pirates games by Sid Meyer. I'd play it.

I wouldn't mind an open world pirate RPG...It would have to be great, though.

There's a free MMO called Pirates of the Burning Sea that let's you be a pirate or a legit captain. It's not sandbox really but it's probably something pirate fans might wanna check out before it eventually closes down. I tried it but the battles bored me, but I'm not a huge fan of that anyways.

Ninjas > Pirates

so weird, i thought of that exact same idea yesterday... well kinda (pirate sandbox). I like it.

Sounds a bit like the cancelled Armada of the Damned. Man 'o' man did I want that game

Gary's Mod.

Any more thoughts?


the only inpiration I got was to better POTC game, yeah the films are good, but the game doesn't look all that special


I wanted to do game design in University but at 9,000 per-year it's not going to happen, and no games industry is going to employ someone with no degree in a million years!


The only experience I have is 3 years Product design at college.



I have the main plot worked out but I want to keep it to me for the time being

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