My Halo Profile Wont Load?

Im trying to play multiplayer and my profile says recruit but all my credits are there. It says trying to download profile from server but then says server is down. Any ideas anyone? Thanks


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To be precise, my campagin works, my multiplayer ranking and credits are there, but my service record and multiplayer "player" wont download because it says the server is down. huh?

Maybe try tomorrow? There's nothing you can do other than wait if it's not on your end, so I wouldn't expend the energy worrying about it.

Lol it told you the server was down. That's all the information you needed to know. When the server is back up/working properly, you'll get all of your stuff back and have access to matchmaking.

Server wasn't down mate. People were playing the game, including my friend who was inviting me to a game. Anyway, I did some investigation and it seems that the servers don't work when you ISP uses an ip address starting with 101. So I reset the modem, it changed to 125 and bang, it worked. Weird. 343 is looking or a fix

Glad to hear you were worrying preemptively, cool that you got it sorted, and.... yeah. Are we done?

wasnt worried, just like to try to fix things