My guns aren't working :(

Just went 4-30 last match. I dont know what it is. I'm always the first to shoot them but they always just turn around and kill me so easily. but sometimes i do good. I guess its just when the servers aren't so suckish. am i the only one who goes through this?


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You are either spraying at them and your accuracy goes down or you got into a bad server. Should of left and joined another.

oh well i'm actually pretty accurate with my shooting. or either the bullets are moving at a very slow speed o.O

then again when i do kill someone its like they won't die until like 3 seconds after you unload a clip into them.  I hope the servers won't be like this when the final game comes out. : (

A good cardio routine focusing on the lower body is great for that. If that doesn't work, try one of those blue pills.


"This is my weapon, this is my gun. This ones for shooting, this ones for fun."

It seems very CODlike when that happens to me.  And then your death is by pistol when they turn around after absorbing a full clip of ammo.

This is a lag issue. earlier today i was playing and i was shooting this guy who wasn't taking no damage. he had his back turned to me and i was tagging him with my whole clip. But i wasn't getting any hit markers. Soon i was just shooting at him long enough for him to realize i was behind him. he turns around and deads me with a pistol.

This Shenanigans needs to stop. > :[

Then again this may be a glitch. I never had a issue with BC2 when killing enemies.