My Game Will Not Save

I play Grand Theft auto 4. I had played and made i to mssion 12. I had then played 3 times after that and completed no missions and drove around. The next time i went on i t sent me to Misssion 7. I then made it to Mission 9 and saved my game. I played the next game again and it sent me to Mission 7. this happens repeatly. i tried saving a few differnt ways each time. Please help me!


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Hmm, does it give you an error message, or is it just not saving?  or, is it saying it saved successfully and not saving?

Check your save options. This is a save problem.

Actually Legen, it can be multiple issues.  The lack of information is getting this question no where as well.

I'm just trying to get more posts. You are right; can't help much further. Try typing in Google the same problem you are saying on here.

@Legend Why type it in Google when you can find the issue and get it resolved right here on the forums?  

@Little  Do you still need assistance with this issue?

Because I think Google is great and I'm secretly a represntative 0_0...JKING! Google, for me, usually is able to find out the information I'm looking for 95% of the time; since I had no other information or knowledge of what the problem might be, I happily suggested this method as it IS another alternative method to reach the OP's desired solution.