My game save won't transfer.

So I know with the cloud you can play on any console and it will load from where you last left off. I had a 360 and now have an xbox one. For a while both systems would talk to one another and I could play single player on both from one save/load profile and it was fine. but now the game is only saved to the 360 and not the one. I can't get it to load on the one and would really like to because its the console I use most. any ideas? I know people were saying the games don't transfer but I had no problem with that until recently.


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The game saves have never transferred.  The only thing that could be transferred was your online character, and that was only a one-time switch.  The 360 cloud saves are in a totally separate location/server than the One saves.

Sadly, this feature was never added as part of the transfer process. It's definitely something I would have enjoyed, though. It probably has to do some with the new content in GTA V for Xbox One which I assume might throw the idea of transferring a game save out the window due to incompatibility.