My game consistently freezes no matter WHAT I do

So I downloaded Assassins Creed 3 on my Xbox 360 S and keep in mind I don't have the disc or an Ethernet cable so ALL of the fixes I've seen, I can't use. Ok, so the game runs perfectly well. And then after I become teenage Connor, if I try to open the map, the game will freeze and a box will try to pop up and then stop in the middle. Ive tried everything I could think of. Restarting the xbox and game, clearing the cache, deleting and re-downloading from the market place, starting a new game save. Also, if I choose the save device that has my game save on it, the game will be stuck trying to connect to the Ubisoft servers. i disabled my wifi connection, game still froze on the map. Waited for it to connect to Ubisoft srevers before selecting save devices, game loaded up but yet froze on map. I will be very disappointed in both ubisoft and xbox if this problem continues. I should at least get a refund considering I can't even play it, even if the game was downloaded.


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