My friend's bet in Black Ops 2 to me.

Ok, here's the story on my friend's bet he placed on me 2 days ago:

He challenged me to prestige twice in 5 days while he's on vacation and if I don't complete it, I lose 10 bones to him. Here's the problems:

1: I don't have a lot of time to complete it.
2: I keep getting into losing games 85-90% if the time.

3: I ain't getting any help from my teammates in matches I've been in.
4: I asked YouTubers like WoodysGamertag, xJaws, and MinnesotaBurns for help and they ain't doing a bloody thing to help, no disrespect to them, but they only care for their fellow YouTubers and for themselves.

5: I keep getting into maps that I really hate, I hate half of the maps on Black Ops 2 and only a few that I like.

6: there's a bunch a campers, quickscopers, squeakers, and Halo jumpers in almost every match I've been in and those players *** me off and should be barred from Black Ops 2.

If I get responses to go play S&D, not a chance, I would rather swallow shards of a broken sword than play S&D. Why? 2 reasons: 1: S&D is extremely campy. 2: you only get 1 life and once you get killed, you're screwed.

I ain't doing Demolition either, I rather drink a skunks poop juice than play Demolition for 1 solid reason:  SPAWN F**KING TRAPPERS!!!!!

I ain't doing CTF either because it's a camping game type that I refuse to play.

If anyone can help me do this, that would very helpful, plus I have a few pain in the butt challenges that I need to do that are near impossible to pull off and need help for those as well.

Message me back if you are willing to help me out here, thank you for taking the time to read this long bloody message and have a good morning, day, or night :)

Sincerely, KingOfDeathXIII


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   Just tell him he won the bet. It sounds as though it something you didnt want to do, dont have time to do, cant do ..... you ask for help, but it sounds as though you dont want help either if it means any effort on your part.

   Why would you have accepted the challenge to begin with?

I proved him wrong on a plenty of bets and occasions, but he may have me cornered here. He's a Prestige Master in Black Ops 2

It can be done,Depends how much game time you have each day!The hardest slog is from  level 30 - 55.If  you really wanna do it,Then run

X2 EMP's(Spam them at the enemy and equipment)

An FHJ(take down every UAV/CUAV)

Hit every obj you can and forget your K/D

Use UAV,CUAV and VSAT for your streaks

Prestige your weapons and use a variety as much as you can


If you really wanna do it,You will!

Eh. With your own limitations, I'd say you're SOL ever since you decided to accept the bet. :-\

Boost. Thats what your asking for anyways huh?

I don't boost, boosting is for n00bs who can't rank up faster

I use Black Hat instead of the FHJ, getting the VSAT is impossible for me to pull off

If your not boosting, then play objective game modes and cap LOTs of flags and kill lots of enemies, Maybe use Scavenger and SPAM EMP nades and use a Stinger and shoot EV ERYTHING out of the sky. Be a team player, objective player and a slayer, easy.

I lost the bet, I keep getting cheap shotted and killed by campers and I mostly play Domination. I need help pulling off the Hail Mary challenge, this challenge has been pissing me off for the last few weeks

  Personally, I wouldnt be able prestige twice in 5 days, but ther are plenty who can.

   One tip on ranking up quickly though ........ deaths dont slow you down. So cheap shots and campers arent to blame.

   Just hit it as hard as you can. Chuck lots of nades (emps especially) cap/ defend a lot etc. Just do everything you can. Ssrs dont give you a who;le lot of xp, so just pick the easy ones and gop for quantity not streaks. . Uavs for example and go to work.

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